Ackerman Modern Anounces Design Within Reach Jenev Ceramics Collection

Ackerman Modern has collaborated with Design Within Reach (DWR) to launch an exclusive collection of Jenev ceramics. Since 1998 Design Within Reach has been the leader in authentic modern design, making works from iconic designers accessible. The philosophy and mission of DWR ideally complements the authentic, iconic, modern designs of the Ackermans.
On November 1, 2017, Design Within Reach is releasing six of Jerry Ackerman’s timeless Jenev designs from 1953, meticulously producing them based on original molds and glaze combinations. The collection includes six vessels—a long bowl, small bowl, covered jar, bottle with stopper, tall vase, and short vase.
The Detroit natives moved to California in 1952 and set up Jenev Design Studio where Jerry spent the first year developing the shapes, molds, and glazes. The celebrated couple, like the Eames, strove to make beautiful objects that were accessible. “We worked really hard, but it was easy to because we were in love and we loved what we were doing,” Evelyn recalled. By the mid 1950s, the Ackermans expanded their designs as Era Industries with mosaics, tapestries, woodcarvings, and hardware, creating a body of work remarkable for its diversity of styles, techniques, and materials.
For more than 50 years, the Los Angeles-based artist/designers Jerry and Evelyn Ackerman played a central role in the distinctive aesthetic of California mid-century modernism.
Jenev ceramics are available from Design Within Reach online and in DWR Studios nationally.
Jenev Collection at DWR
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2017 DWR

Design Within Reach collaborates with Ackerman Modern on an exclusive Jenev Ceramics collection reissue. The pieces, designed by Jerry in 1953, were selected from the originals and made with molds precisely copied from the masters.

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Launch Pad Tapestry Journal at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


The Launch Pad  80-page journal features a 1970 tapestry design by Evelyn Ackerman that is featured in the exhibition “Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915-1985.” Los Angeles designers Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman founded the company ERA Industries, which integrated global craft with modern aesthetics to create richly textured handmade products. They set up workshops in traditional craft centers across several continents, including mosaic and textile ateliers in Mexico. Inspired by the first moonwalk, the vibrant Launch Pad was the largest weaving available from the line, reaching the physical limit of the looms.

Available from the LACMA bookstore and online.

LACMA Online Store
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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art publishes a “Launch Pad” tapestry journal in conjunction with it’s “Found in Translation” exhibition.

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Documentary Film

Documentary Film, February 2015
“In Tandem: The Life and Work of Jerry and Evelyn Ackerman” Margaret Halkin (Short Story Media) and Katie Nartonis (The Nartonis Project).

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